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3 definitions by The Great Aleph

I young Jewish man who is a member of the Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA). He has a strong sense of morals and loves hooking up with bbgs.
Aleph 1: What did you do this weekend?

Aleph 2: I got some ass from a bbg after i helped some homeless people in downtown chicago.
by The Great Aleph February 27, 2005
56 11
RAG, in AZA terms means Regional Aleph Godol. This is the president of a BBYO region. He runs the Regional Board and is in charge of overseeing the well being of the region.
Aleph A: Who is the Regional President in your Region?

Aleph B: I am in the Great Midwest Region so my RAG is Aleph Evan Joseph Epstein
by The Great Aleph February 27, 2005
33 34
A youth group who tries to keep up with the amazingness of BBYO. The only problem is that the girls are no where near as hot as BBYO's BBGs.
Wow, that BBG was way hotter than that USY girl
by The Great Aleph February 27, 2005
75 545