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Verb - Dominated
The act by which one jumps onto and viciously dry humps an unsuspecting victim (not restricted to, but preferably of the same sex) while triumphantly shouting "DOMINATED!". The purpose of which is to humiliate, challenge sexual orientation and remind the victim that you are, for at least the present moment, the master of their pathetic existence. The level by which one can amplify their dominance over another can be directly correlated to the publicity that the action of "dominating" will receive, the spontaneity of the event, and the factor of inappropriateness relating to the environment surrounding the time "domination".
All are points to be taken into consideration when attempting to dominate an individual.
While research in the field is ever expanding, experts on the matter believe that the current apex of "domination" over another could theoretically be achieved by dominating either Oprah Winfrey or the Pope during their acceptance speech in the event that they ever receive a Nobel Peace Prize. It is believed that one who could achieve such a feat would shortly thereafter transcend human existence and become a living god.
An ideal example of being dominated (During wedding)
Preacher - “...And do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and cherish in sickness
and in health, as long as you both shall live?”
Bride - “I do”
Preacher (to Groom) - “Congratulations, you may now kiss the Bride.”
Groom leans in to kiss his new wife... Best Man jumps onto Groom’s back knocking him to the floor, humping like a HIV Machine the whole way down, in front of all of his friends, family and in-laws. Groom’s character, sexual orientation and general worth as a person are critically called into question by all in attendance.
Best Man (triumphantly) - “DOMINATED!”
Bride - “I need a real man like this hunk of confidence!” (Throws herself lustfully at Best Man)
Best Man - “Thanks Urban Dictionary!”
by The Good Dr. Dave January 31, 2007
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