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1.When someone, male or female, is being an incredible whiny bitch and/or seems like they have so much sand in their vagina;real or presumed, that the Mojave Desert then seems like a sand box.

Their mating call is a sound that comes deep within your throat, is loud; above 80 decibels and you have to wag your tongue back and forth in your mouth to create said noise. Since their nature is to wade in their own self pity, instead of being turned on they reply with "What's wrong with you?" or "You're so fucking gay". And then walk away to go and touch his/herself.

Matt: "Oh whoa is me, my life sucks, I'm going to go and drink all day because no one likes me. I hate my job and I just want to kill myself."

Greg: "Dude, you're such a Vaginasaurus Rex"
by The Golden Child Is I September 05, 2008

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