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The act of drinking heavily (mostly cheap ass vodka/beer) with your bros in one of their basements, packing mad lips, playing mvp 2005, and chilling out
max- yo ga its t time
bill- ight no doubt lets get fucking crippled wasted tonight
max- no doubt im tryin to yack
by the godfaTher July 30, 2012
The entrance to that crawl space where you stash your porn/drugs/guns. Usually a secret.
Phil: "Dude, my mom found the door in the floor yesterday..."
Mike: "What did she do with the stash?"
Phil: "She thought it was dad's, so she threw him out on his ass."
by The Godfather November 18, 2004
A racist whore who writes for the Globe and Mail. Hates Newfoundlanders, and probably other races/groupes of people. She should die a horrible, painful death.
"I'm gonna fuck her and all of her fish-eatin lesbian friends in front of their mothers. Then I'll kill her."
by The Godfather January 08, 2005
Defines someone as a person who is high or gets high.
Man, that dude is a total high on!
by The Godfather February 10, 2005
what the number is, after you dial it on the telephone...duh
the number was dialed
by The Godfather December 23, 2004
Over-rated School in Raliegh, Nc. Usually attended by rednecks and NC farm children that are not accepted to UNC. Everything there is named after there mascot The Wolf or Wolf Pack.
Hey Man, I'll tell you what, yall wanna go down to NC State for a Good ol' fashoned ejecation?
by The Godfather February 06, 2005

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