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A police procedure wherein a quartet of officers surround, subdue, and anally "pester" a fifth individual (usually another officer, or a birthday clown). The act of Anal Finglering has become controversial in recent years, but with the disclusion of clowns it has seen a resurgence in most large precincts. Anal Finglering differs from common "anal fingering" in that it is a group activity utilizing professional entertainers.
The Otero County Sherriff's Department has been chosen to hold the annual joint Police/ATF/FBI/Cirque Du Soleil Anal Finglering Consortium and Potluck this year. Don't foget your butter and your nightsticks!!!
by The Goddess Bunny August 13, 2008
The Portuguese word for vagina literally meaning "Front Anus". Also known in Portugal as "The second hole". Thought to be posessed only by women, this orifice is little understood and seldom seen in the tiny shithole country of Portugal.
Last night Calixto and his "girlfriend" were going to make sweet, sweet sex with each other, but he ran in fear after feeling the icy touch of her Bhutcraq.
by The Goddess Bunny July 17, 2008
When a Portuguese man accepts a date with a Portuguese "woman" without detailed information about her penis size, and photographic proof that she has no Bhutcraq.
I thought my encounter with Calixa had turned into a Portuguese Blind Date until I felt her massive penis.
by The Goddess Bunny July 17, 2008
Also known as "Spain's Taint", this lacluster mediterranian country is rarely displayed on maps, due to it's offensive shape. It's crude inhabitants, who gather food and hunt using rudimentary stone tools, shun outsiders for their glittery appearance and fancy book-learnin'. This practice has probably led to the famous portuguese saying, "It's better to shit in a hole in the ground than to be educated".
Also known for their putrid odor and terrible manners, this mysterious race of inbred hillfolk is thought to have descended from a tribe of half-retarded apes more than 35 years ago.

Fun Fact! - Did you know that Portugal's most beloved and famous citizen Chris Burke (you may remember him as "Corky" on the sitcom Life Goes On) recieved his nation's highest award for intellectual achievement in recognition of his breakthrough treatise "Why cookies are good"?
I'd rather suck a bag of dicks than go to Portugal!

by The Goddess Bunny July 17, 2008

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