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10 definitions by The Glunk

A way to say "God Dammit" when political correctness is required. It is derived from the iPhone autocorrect function.
This auto correct is driving me crazy, God Donut!
by The Glunk January 07, 2012
When you wake your wife or girlfriend up by slipping your hard-on into her while she is asleep.

Note: To perform this act, prior consent must be given.
Hey, I may give you the sneaky snake tomorrow morning, if that's OK.
by The Glunk December 18, 2011
The end of the tomato that looks like ass.
I ordered a salad and I found two tomato butts in it.
by The Glunk February 08, 2012
A bikini.
I want to see pamela Anderson in her water panties.
by The Glunk December 18, 2011
Becoming so sexually frustrated that you are not just irritable you are actually angry and the only cure is to bang. Until then, you will be Bangry.
My wife never has time for sex but she dresses so sexy that it makes me bangry.
by The Glunk December 17, 2011
Those little, hard, dirty bits of snow and ice that collect along the side of a plowed road.
I like to swerve and run over snow bunions, when I'm bored.
by The Glunk December 30, 2011
The mental affliction where ridiculously expensive housing in the City of Calgary, Alberta seems normal. This is transferable to any city with insanely high housing prices.
When new people move to Calgary and see how high housing prices are they are usually shocked. This proves they haven't been infected with Calgaria yet.
by The Glunk December 30, 2011