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a flammer who was 0wn3d by karate.
look! now she's taunting him with a turd on a stick!
by The Glorious and Magnificent Hobo January 19, 2004
1: to pull a DeViL-M4N
2: to post a slanted editorial in a forum in its entirety without any prior solicitation and for no other purpose than to attract flames and/or incite a mob.

note: this is a very effective maneuver as, should there be any painfully obvious flaws in the article, the original author is the only one that can receive rebuttals, leaving the reprinter immune to his/her own idiocy.

further reference: attention whore
1: james just pulled another DeViL-M4N... he quoted rush limbaugh's assessment of the women's movement.

2: bob is DeViL-M4Ning the forums... he keeps posting articals about capitalism from socialist websites.
by The Glorious and Magnificent Hobo January 27, 2004

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