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To have extremely painful diarreah.
Oh man those tamales are gonna' gimme the ol' firerreah!!
by The Glock February 18, 2004
A loaf of bread that is made by the supermarket you bought it from.
Albertson's Sourdough Bread.
by The Glock February 18, 2004
1. Defintion seen above. Also can apply to throwing semen at any general person, place or thing.

2. To fuck up something.

3. Moted.

4. The splattering of an object.
1. Aw, watch out man I just spladowed that tuba over there...

2. Oh man, I spladowed that test yesterday!

3. P1: Dude, my ticket is right here- oh oops, I did leave it in the car...
P2: Oh, Spladow!!

4. I accidently dropped a melon yesterday and it spladowed all over the pavement.
by The Glock August 07, 2004
1. A human between the ages of 13 and 19.

2. The reason why the Internet is a cultural wasteland.
1. Billy is 16 years old. Billy is a teenager.

2. "Hai im billy lol this is mai Xanga I want errebody 2 read my XANGA bcause i ma cool cuz I ply CSS an im fukkin gooD WIT the AK and i got A GiRlFrIeNd nd we Kis all th TIme OLOL bUt Im hellA depresD An D the Wo RLd Fukkin suxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!"
by The Glock March 09, 2006

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