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4 definitions by The Glans Punis

A constant companion that nobody can see except children and the religious.
When I was a child my imaginary friends used to talk about me behind my back.
by The Glans Punis May 21, 2005
56 33
A variety of Glam rock that can be perpetrated on a budget. It requires only big hair and an orange jumpsuit.
So what happened to Gary Glitter? You never hear about him these days.
by The Glans Punis May 21, 2005
3 1
A clever wooden device for removing your wellyboots without getting your hands dirty.
Mum! Have you seen the welly wodger?
by The Glans Punis May 21, 2005
1 0
A pre-mixed wheat biscuit and milk breakfast cereal in a tube for busy modern professionals who find themselves pushed for time in the mornings.

A product that does not yet exist, but that will mark the point at which society becomes damaged beyond all repair.
Premashed potato? Man that's nearly as bad as squeezybix.
by The Glans Punis May 21, 2005
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