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To perform oral sex on a woman. So called because from a womans perspective whilst having oral sex performed on her the other player would resemble Stalin, WW2 Russian dictator renowned for his bushy moustache.
Okay love, before we get down to a bit of the old heave-ho i though i'd just nip downstairs and do a quick impersonation of stalin, just to say i love you.
by The Ginger Terrorist November 21, 2005
Female Stripper. Lady who removes her clothes to titilate and entertain. Knickers removed; a lady's hairy rabbit warren may 'wink' at you whilst she performs her routine.
Clive! Let's get our arses down the 'Tavern tonight. I hear they've got some minge-winkers in.
by The Ginger Terrorist November 30, 2005
1) Polite, affectionate term for the spam purse. Your mother's sausage wallet.

2) Pet name for your girlfriend (see also 'Jizz Jar')
After a good hour spent frotting, Emily's flannet began to kick up something awful.
by The Ginger Terrorist November 21, 2005
Rank, piss-ridden pubic hair above and below a dirty minky.
If cunny is attempted on such a disgusting specimen it will probably result in the face contorting, as though one had been sucking on a lemon.
She may have been a looker John but once i popped downstairs to do a quick impersonation of Stalin i quickly discovered she had a biff like lemongrass.
by The Ginger Terrorist November 21, 2005

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