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2 definitions by The Gigglegasm Donor

The act of giggling with and whispering to your partner instead of doing anything that's actually sexual or romantic. May or may not include headbutting. Once in a great while a "gigglegasm" may be achieved, but this is rare. Faking a "gigglegasm" is also commonplace.
"It is very awkward when my roomate and her boyfriend have giggle sex while I'm in the room"
by The Gigglegasm Donor March 23, 2007
81 16
The climax which is sometimes achieved during giggle sex. This consists of an extended period of uncontrolled giggling. The female often fakes the gigglegasm in an attemp to end the current giggle sex session.
"I faked a gigglegasm last night and my boyfriend didn't even know it!"
by The Gigglegasm Donor March 23, 2007
39 13