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2 definitions by The General Pendola

When a person wearing a doo-rag is adjusting their head piece while doing a two-step dance to keep their super low and baggy jeans up just above the knee.
I was in an elevator and a dude doing the doo rag two step asked me what was for lunch. i was floored that he was able to concentrate on 3 things at once.
by The General Pendola August 09, 2011
a WAD (pronounced as WOHD as well)-- as in 'Weapon of Ass Destruction' when a person wears a dildo strap-on that destroys an asshole.
I couldn't believe when he asked me to put on a W.A.D. but I heard it felt good to the user, so I am guilty of crimes against the roids.
by The General Pendola November 06, 2006