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Used to affirm or concure.
Transformation of "for sure".

Meaning: "Behold, I agree with and accept your previous statement. You rule, as do I."

Alternate use: "Phoash no." meaning "A most emphatic no."

Alternate pronunciation: (pa-ho-aa-sa-ha) *pronounce each letter.

The noun phrase "biatch" may be added after either meaning.

(Created by Nate Dogg of Escondido, CA. You cannot step, hoe. Bown down.)
Shaun: Nate, that lifted Tacoma with the Volcom, Thrice, and Billabong stickers is gay.
Nate: Phoash. We should dong slap that fool.
Shaun: Phoash biatch. Do you think he has any sense of self-awareness or individuality?
Nate: Phoash no.
by The General February 26, 2004
One who spends life in friends shadow one who plays basketball with the speds (see Sped) at lunch one who tells people he fingered his young cousin one who listens to a mix of country music and european metal one who drives a big pickup truck full of guns and dead deer one who sports the mullet one who wheres tight black jeans "Boots" and sleeveless Metallica shirts
Conklen went to live with chad. Conklen Drives a Big Pickup truck even when he's drunk
by The General January 31, 2003
A truly disgusting person, quite possibly the ugliest person in existence.
OH fuck, it's Despaire!!!!
by The General February 03, 2005
One who rules the mat like no one ever has been ruled or rules ass like it's nobodys buisness was the greatest luchador ever Career highlights winning the World Championship at No Way Out in a Cage match against Micky The Steamboat Santoga. Career Lows Losing the Belt at wrestlemania XXIV to the greatest ever to win a royal rumble he self proclaimed Greatest the world has ever seen Jimmy The General Bodine
Chi Chi the Jet conquered many opponets Turbulance, but failed to ever claim the right to say that he was the true Champion at the grandest stage of them all the showcase of the imortals Wrestlemania
by The General January 31, 2003
One who attends Special Ed programs at his or her school one who partakes in illegal drug use One who uses the F-word 30+ times a day
Alex had to go to Mrs. Adams class today because he is a sped and was caught spedifying the hallway with the Hall brothers.
by The General January 31, 2003
"When an individual decides not to attend an event and/or social gathering because they have to sleep, call their girlfriend, masturbate, study, go to another friend's house (i.e. they are a biatch)."

Alternate meaning: "To mess up." or "To perform badly on some operation."

(Created by Nate Dogg of Escondido, CA. You cannot step biatch. Recognize.)
Nate: Dan, don't dildo out on us again!
Shaun: Hey, where's Dan?
Nate: He dildoed out on us.
Daniel Bro: Well, that is his job as our friend.
Alternate meaning:
I totally dildoed that wave.
by The General February 26, 2004
n. one who is retarded emotionally; origin comes from the combination of the words 'retard' and 'emotion' using the tenses of the former
She cheated on him but he keeps going back to her, the fucking remo.

She still likes him even though he's an asshole to her, she's so remoed.
by The General December 10, 2003

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