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5 definitions by The Gaunt Man

A mocking term for someone who's trying to look like they have a lot of money but is actually quite poor. If millionaires are worth millions, hundredaires are worth hundreds.
"Hey, check out this new jacket!"
"Yes, you look like a hundredaire in that."

"Every time I get my paycheck, I feel like a hundredaire."
by The Gaunt Man April 13, 2006
48 13
1. The feeling that one gets after experiencing something so utterly foreign and horrible that it transcends being scarred and becomes a part of you.

2. An excuse to subject others to the same horrific experience.
1. I'm glad I watched Visitor Q. I grew as a person.

2. You have to see the freak show downtown. You'll grow as a person.
by The Gaunt Man July 26, 2006
11 2
1. A justification for behavior that is otherwise harmful, immoral, or in other ways bad for you.

2. The state of being where one is, in fact, strong for when the revolution comes.
1. Smoking makes me strong for when the revolution comes.

2. I am strong for when the revolution comes.
by The Gaunt Man July 26, 2006
12 6
The state of being achieved by remaining awake for extended periods of time. Common symptoms are euphoria, minor delusional behavior, and general silliness.

Distinguishable from sleep deprivation by the lack of paranoia that often accompanies the latter condition.
"We were up til stupid o'clock last night."

(Immediately after someone attempts to stage dive off the sofa onto the coffee table while watching a Madonna video): "Yeah, it's definitely stupid o'clock."
by The Gaunt Man April 12, 2006
12 22
Similar to nigger rich, this term refers to someone who is well off compared to those around him, but not in the larger scheme of things. This state does not tend to last very long, as the person in question usually disposes of their sudden wealth very quickly.
"Forget McDonald's, we're going to Red Lobster!"
"Well, somebody's feeling irish rich."
by The Gaunt Man April 13, 2006
17 58