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when two men are entering a woman in the act of a three-way when the top guy pulls out and cums on the lower man's applebag.
we were tag teaming some girl last night when my buddy pulled out and gave me glazed nuts.
by The Gash Mangler February 12, 2009
(v.) A violent and runny explosion emanating from your bowels that when released into the toilet it up splashes on to the bottom of the toilet seat. This maybe seen after eating some e coil infected food or 2 week old lunch meat.
commonly seen at a skidhider house
Nathan: hey Ryan, can i use your bathroom?

Ryan: sure

(2 minutes later)

Nathan: you might want to get some clorox to the bathroom stat. i just peppered the seat.
by The Gash Mangler February 16, 2009
One who buys colored underwear to mask or hide the huge and grotesque marks make by his poorly wiped ass.
Larry is a skidhider because his ass hairs are so long he needs to wash his crack with shampoo.
by The Gash Mangler February 15, 2009

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