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The Fury is a member of the Cobra Unit. After World War II, he went up into space as a cosmonaut in an unofficial mission. During reentry, there was an accident that caused him to have severe burns all over his body. During the Cold War, he regroups with The Boss and the rest of the Cobras.

The Fury wears a modified space suit. It is designed to resist extreme temperatures. His flamethrower, unlike other flamethrowers, uses rocket fuel. He has a rocket pack that allows him to fly.
I am The Fury! The flames of my rage will incinerate you! A great and terrible fury at being alive!
by The Fury January 04, 2005
Faithy is a cool girl, also known as Fafy. She wields The One Ring which she stole from Frodo when she stabbed him in the eye with her pencil of doom. Xuco is her friend, and he makes her laugh.
Faithy is invisible!
by The Fury January 03, 2005
Xuco is dangerous. Close friend of Faithy. He can chew on a poison dart frog as he leans on an electric fence. When he gets shot in the face, he will carve the bullet out of his skull with a knife, put some disinfectant on the wound, put a bandage on it, and kick some more behind. He likes Spider-Man a lot, and can pwnz0r j00. He is also a big fan of Solid Snake.
Xuco is here. Run if you value your life!
by The Fury January 03, 2005
A retarded Communist holiday in the online forums of GaiaOnline. A bunch of n00bs who were too lazy to earn their gold decided to make a day where everyone is equal no matter how hard they work. This is Communism.
n00b: Yay! Nakie Day!
The Fury: *incinerates*
by The Fury January 03, 2005

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