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the phrase from "Yo Gabba Gabba" that is used to describe stuffing yourself with really good food

usually comes after an orgasm to the mouth

Dude, Amanda made cookies! There is going to be a party in my tummy tonight...so yummy...so yummy...
by The Friendly Yellow Letters April 27, 2009
one who plays mallets; xylophone, marimba, vibes, bells, chimes
The pit at school consisted of four malleteers.
by The Friendly Yellow Letters August 17, 2008
1) The shit; an orgasm to the mouth and a party in your tummy.

2) The best place you will ever eat at. One of the very few clean, healthy places that has all the salad, soup, pasta, bread, and desserts you could ever possibly dream of for under $10. AKA: heaven on earth. However, there a so much food present, that many people fill themselves up before devouring what they are truly craving. This is why it is necessary to follow a GP.

3) The restaurant that has a theme to every month. Themes vary from holidays to certain fruits.
1) Oh my god! We are going to Souplantation! I just jizzed in my pants.

2) Person 1: "Should I get bread for my phase 2 or pasta?"

Person 2: "Just go by your GP."

3) March is lemon month at Souplantation which is the best month of the year. Every year after it passes, I eagerly await the return of the lemon lava cake and the orzo soup.
by The Friendly Yellow Letters June 20, 2009
1) the term that people use for a depression when they are trying to avoid the fact that it actually is a depression
2) when the economy sucks relly bad and you can't find a job because old people are working
My mom had to trade in her Mercedes for a stupid Geo because of the recession.
by The Friendly Yellow Letters March 21, 2009
the secret garden that some people have in their pants. Sometimes has living creatures (crabs/lice) in it. Comes in a variety of colors. Gingers are special in that they have a fire crotch while other people have normal crotchesof varying colors. The surprise is for you to find out...
Tyler rolled down his pants too low, so Lindsey and I got a glimpse of his curly goodies.
by The Friendly Yellow Letters September 14, 2009
1) One who wears way too much lip gloss so much that it looks like someone jizzed on their lips

2) someone who enjoys giving head
1) Amanda looks like a skank with all makeup on; what a total jizz lips.

2) That is the third guy this week that she has blown in the drum closet...that jizz lips.
by The Friendly Yellow Letters June 17, 2009
practically every other freaking word in Californians' vocabulary

a necessity to Californian language; a Californian accent, if you will

Kaitlyn said, "I mean, it's not like he got all the way to third base, like, I kind of, like helped him there, but, like, he, like kind of like wanted it."
by The Friendly Yellow Letters March 15, 2009

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