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A cheap, black supremist knock-off of Christianity. Every Rastari believer says that everyone should be nice and get along (ANTI-VIOLENCE), but if you say something bad to a Rastafari believer, they will immediately become violent and want to harm you. Also, smoking "ganja,' more commonly known as WEED, is a major part of the religion (which, by the way, weed supposedly makes you "anti-violent". Apparently not). Also, if you do not post this definition, I will keep trying to post it, because I have seen a lot more offensive and crazy things on Urban Dictionary than my definition. And I hope you understand that I'm right.
Rastafari is just another reason made-up by people to make other serious religions look bad. Also, if you're a Rastafarian and thinking about hurting me because of my definition, you're only proving me right.
by The Foamy Chewbacca's Legacy December 25, 2010
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