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After suffering a string of rejections with no success or breaking-up after an unforgivable betrayal, you swear off looking for or being interested in any kind of romantic and/or sexual relationship for either a time or completely swearing off love forever. Essentially cutting out your heart and foregoing love like the major antagonist "Davy Jones" in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean films "Dead Man's Chest" and "At World's end.
Tyler- Man, did you hear Jebby just got rejected again by another crush?
Dan- Dude, that's rough , how's he taking it?
Tyler- Well seeing as this is his 36th rejection in a row, he's decided that he'll be going Dutchman for awhile.

Lt. Frost- I can't believe she didn't show up when I returned home from Iraq! After this I think I'll be like the Dutchman and swear off Women and relationships entirely for the rest of my life!
by The flying Dutchman July 05, 2013
some kids smashed my mail box last night, I was beezilniced. Or I caught those beezillnics last night.
by the flying dutchman December 31, 2012
To bash one in the cock and laugh at their pain.
Jimmy wound up and gave Ted a ball tap. Ted threw up because his balls were in his stomach
by The Flying Dutchman August 10, 2003
A latin phrase that translates into "what for what". It essentially means that if you do something for me, I'll do something for you as a fair exchange.
Only pinko's believe in Quid Pro Quo and as a result, they should be ripped off because of their beliefs.
by The Flying Dutchman January 30, 2004

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