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A Dead Clown Carcass
Joan Rivers looks like a dead clown carcass
by The Flying 69 August 30, 2009
A synonym for the word Douchebag.
Person A: Who's the douchiest person you can think of?

Person B: Spencer Pratt.

Person A: Yeah, good call.

Person B: Some one should murder him.

Person A: Definitely.
by The Flying 69 June 15, 2009
Also known as Sgt. Donny Donnowitz, is known by german soldiers as "The Bear Jew". The Bear Jew is a gigantic, baseball bat swinging nazi hunter from Boston, and his many accomplishments include killing Hitler, and many other high ranking Nazis, and scalping 100 german soldiers. Appears in the movie "Inglorious Basterds."
Aldo the Apache: This man wants to die for his country; Oblige him.

The Bear Jew:

*As he is bashing a nazi's head in* Home run, out of the park.
by The Flying 69 August 24, 2009
A walking, talking, human size piece of shit that wears a clock.
Why did they put a clock on a giant piece of shit, and why do they call it Flavor Flav?
by The Flying 69 May 27, 2008
a phrase you can add to a long, boring story that a friend or relative is telling you, to make the story more exciting or funny for yourself.
Person A: "When we were in Nebraska we visited the museum of agriculture, went to a corn maze, and visited a farm....

Person B: ....And then you were raped."

Person A: "What??, No I wasn't"
by The Flying 69 September 06, 2009
Is an obese former lesbian talk show host. It's also probably safe to say that she wears underwear with dick holes in them.
Person A: Hey, look, it's Rosie O'Donnell.

Person B: Did you know she's a lesbian?

Person A: Yeah, a fat one at that.

Person B: Haha, I bet she wears underwear with dick holes in them.
by The Flying 69 August 24, 2009
Doo Rag Douche- Any white person who wears a Doo Rag and thinks it will give them street cred or make them less white.
person A: "Wow that white guy in that car is wearing a doo rag."

Person B: "What a Doo Rag Douche."
by The Flying 69 March 27, 2008

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