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The range of frequencies one's rectum emits after massive ingestion of pickled elder gnome scrotums. However, one must be doted with the capacity of anal intrudership to qualify for rectal wavelength emission.
Ah shit, it's Lothario. That guy's such an arrogant, anal intruding piece of shit... What? Did you say he frequently ingests massive amounts of pickled elder scrotums? That guy's rectum must emit enough radiation to turn your face into the ass of a maggot. (rectum spectrum)
by The Flaps Fairy November 07, 2009
A person who's having trouble getting to fourth base; who's "skating" around the "ice hole" without quite falling in it.
-Dude, I think Jamie Foxx is a flapskater.

-Dude, that makes sense.

-Yeah. He graduated with honors from the National Flapskating Institute of Geneva (NFIG).

-No, friend. That was Bill O'Reilly. Jamie Foxx wasn't that accomplished a douchebag. He graduated from the National Flapskating School of Texas (NFST).
by The Flaps Fairy November 10, 2009
A dude who parts his hair in the middle as was done in the 19th century, thus giving him the appearance of having pussy flaps for hair.
(A flap hat walks by.)

-Dude, check out that flap hat!

-Yeah, dude. That guy parts his hair in the middle as was done in the 19th century. Seize him!
by The Flaps Fairy November 08, 2009

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