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New Dats. A sickening majority of 2009-2010 Saints Fans who couldn't stand the saints or the NFL for most of the season. The last 8 weeks this fan has bought 10 shirts, a jersey and hotel room in the quarter to proclaim how much they love the saints and leech off the joy felt by the who dats. In other words they are about as cool as a fanny pack.
New Dat: Stand up and get what
Who Dat: it is Stand up and get Crunk
Who Dat 2: who in the fuck is that?
Who Dat: Another fucking New Dat
Who Dat2: Where were all of them 8 weeks ago?
Who Dat: Leaching of the corndogs at LSU. Don't worry they won't be here long.
Who Dat 2: Good I hate the fair weather fans, they are fucking useless and they are raising the ticket prices.
by The Final Authority February 10, 2010

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