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Where you can't tell where the calf fat ends and the ankle fat begins. Who knows? That's the fun.
Bill Clinton likes himself a good pair of cankles. He judged the Miss Cankle USA contest.
by The Fifth Floor May 04, 2009
Breasts on a chick that are so massive, they jiggle like huge rolls of jello whenever she moves.
Does not apply to fake tits or flapjacks - only large, natural breasts are eligible to be jello jigglers.
"Daaaamn son, check out the jello jigglers on that bitch!"
"For sure bro, I could eat those all night long!"
by The Fifth Floor January 28, 2009
A method of eating cereal without using a spoon or bowl.

To eat hobo cereal, one first puts the dry cereal from either the box or a baggie directly into their mouth without chewing it, then takes a drink of milk from a carton or coffee cup and eats it like they would normal cereal.
When I'm late for work in the morning and don't have time to make myself breakfast, I pack some hobo cereal and eat it on the way.
by The Fifth Floor August 09, 2010
The point at any social gathering when 2 horny strangers decide to go into a private area and have drunk, unprotected sex.
"It's yeehaw time bitch! Get in the fuckin' closet!"
by The Fifth Floor January 29, 2009
A variation on the chocolate sundae in which someone shits on another person's chest, ejaculates on top of it, then smears it around the person's chest and genitalia.
"Yeah, she's into some really weird shit... Last night I gave her a sundae musher and she spooned it off and ate the whole damn thing."
by The Fifth Floor January 28, 2009
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