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5 definitions by The Fergal Sharkie

1. Being fed a giant black cock by some big angry black man as some kind of punishment.

2. Being Punished Big Time
1. "Did you speak to Sally about last night? She took Desmond home and apparantley she got unbelievably coonfed. She Loved IT!"

2. "Oh mate you should have seen it, they were absolutely coon-fed"
by The Fergal Sharkie July 11, 2009
6 0
a black man's cock
"wow did you see that woman get ruined with that nigger meat"

"put away your nigger meat delroy"
by The Fergal Sharkie August 12, 2009
17 13
An alternate name for all those people who hate Lady Gaga.
"I drove home with my mate, and the cunt only had a Lady Ball Gag CD, I fucking hate that Ball Gag!"
by The Fergal Sharkie July 11, 2009
14 10
Also Known As Bukkake

Several men cumming on the face of one woman.

Messy Times!
"Oh I saw this video on the internet last night, this woman got a facefull. Oh it was an amazing buckatoo!!"
by The Fergal Sharkie July 11, 2009
5 1
When something is considerably worse than just plain old cuntish
My university downgraded me 10% because our lecturer was too generous. How Cuntishly Coonishly Woggish!
by The Fergal Sharkie July 11, 2009
4 6