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4 definitions by The Fat Batman

The plague festering in the souls of many RPG gamers due to the absence of a Kingdom Hearts 3.
I thought Square Enix was supposed to release Kingdom Hearts 3 years ago. Man dude, I have got the Kingdom Hurts real bad. The doctor says I only have a few months left to live.
by The Fat Batman October 13, 2011
Using the Wii's internet browser to google search anything.
My computer just broke down. Looks like I am going to have to Woogle as a last resort.
by The Fat Batman October 13, 2011
When some person you aren't too fond of decides to comment on your Facebook status, again, and again, and again. The person seeing the notification may become filled with excitement... until they realize who the comment is from. The comments aren't even clever, they're just dumb.
Ted: "Hey, I just got a Facebook notification on my phone. I wonder what it is... oh man!"
Jack: "What is it?"
Ted: "Its just Kent commenting on my status again, dammit!"
Jack: "The Kent Buzz Kill strikes again..."
by The Fat Batman January 09, 2012
An especially cute and playful kitten.
My family just got a new cat, such a cute and playful kitteh.
by The Fat Batman October 13, 2011