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1 definition by The Fantasy Guru

Derivative: Doggie Bag,

The act of middle aged man, over 40, who frequents 18+ dance clubs trying to pick up "left over" girls, i.e. any girl dancing alone. Sometimes a bolder male may even try to prey on a group of girls. When wolfbaggin, The only standard is that the girl must be no older than 1/2 the age of the male. Furthermore, if the hunt is unsucsessful inside, the males will wait out side and howl at any single or groups of girls that walk by.
I was at the club with my girlfriends, when they left me to get a drink. No sooner than that, a 45 year old man with spiked hair came up behind me and tried to grind me. I turn around, slapped him and said "quit wolfbaggin me!"
by The Fantasy Guru March 03, 2007