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1. A large group of your closest male companions, your proverbial "bros". Activities of a cornubropia include but are not limited to: beer pong, pool, bowling (aka "browling"), Halo, watching Family Guy, listening to Dane Cook, foosball, and a general chill session.

2. A very large meal consumed by two or more male companions.
1. Bro #1: Bro! This party is totally packed.
Bro #2: Hell yeah bro! It's a total cornubropia! Dip, dip, dip, dip!

2. Bro #1: Alright, put the bacon on top of the eggs and peppers. Then we can put some cheese on the pancakes and wrap the whole thing in a waffle, bro!
Bro #2: I'm not sure if I'm ready. This cornubropia's getting a bit out of control.
by The False Broscenium November 06, 2009

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