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An acronym short for the Fast Food Terrorists. The FFt is an underground prankster cell that is centered near Cleveland, Ohio. The FFt originated in pranking fast food restaurants at drive- thru windows, but has moved on to pranking inside fast food restaurants and pranking peoples houses. The 't' is lower case because it looks better.

The FFt also specializes in ghost riding the whip, and produced and starred in the recent summer blockbuster Strapped With Gatsbies, which can be viewed on YouTube.net.
1. Arby's Worker #1: Someone just ordered $15.03 worth of food, insulted my mother, and drove away.
Arby's Worker #2: It must have been the FFt.

2. Taylor: I spent two and a half hours getting toilet paper off of my house and my car. It must have been the FFt.

3. Sullman: The FFt came to my house and pranked me every night for a week. I hate them a lot.

4. I just watched that FFt movie, Strapped With Gatsbies, on YouTube. It was one of the funnies things that I've ever seen.

5. I can't believe the FFt was ghost riding all the way down Center Ridge!
by The FFt June 04, 2006

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