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based loosely on the Julian Assange case, referring to the fact that what counts as anything from gross sexual imposition down to just uncool sexual activites in Australia can be considered rape in Sweden. Used to alert braggart friends that their boasting is not particulary welcome. Also used to be a smartass.
Dude 1: "Yeah, the bitch said no to getting all up in dat azz, but I went there anyway."
Dude 2: "Dude! That's rape in Sweden!"


Dude 1: "Jagoff walks around with his pants around his knees, so I grab the waistband on his BVDs and hike 'em towards the heavens!"

Dude 2: "snicker Yeah... but that's rape in Sweden! chuckle"
by The Evil Steve December 20, 2010
In reference to the classic Dr. Seuss book. Describes a marathon sexual encounter involving multiple positions and locations, be they done or or projected to be done.
1. "Dude! Megan's roommate was away for the weekend, so we just rocked it all over the house - every bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room - it was awesome! We went green eggs and ham for three straight days!"

2. "Damn, could I go all green eggs and ham on that: I would do her on a train, I would do her in the rain. I would do her in the trees, I would mount her on her knees..."
by The Evil Steve April 06, 2010
Very loud, very fast band. Fastest drummer I've ever heard, and the rest of the band keeps up and in time. Not the most complicated or artisticly impressive music, but fuck it - it's metal... what do you want?

In the rare moments the vocalist sings, his voice is pretty decent. 90% of the time, he belches out words in a rapid-fire growl-scream that makes your throat hurt to listen to. Effective for the lyrics and crowd Slipknot plays to.

If one is to believe that Slipknot's lyrics represent the true feelings of the band, these guys wake up more pissed off and hateful than any remotely sane human should ever be in the worst situation imaginable. Therefore, it is safe to say they are a marketing creation geared toward angst-ridden 15-23 year old white males. On drugs. A lot of drugs. A lot of hard, powerful, brain-raping drugs. (The band - not necessarily the target market.)

Technically impressive, artistically passable, lyrically horrid to the point of amusement.

Fear anyone who belives Slipknot's lyrics were written just for him out of pages from his life. The average disaffected adolescent white boy is destructive enough - if he rallies around Slipknot lyrics, you've got another Timothy McVeigh just waiting to happen.
And guys... what's the deal with the masks?
by The Evil Steve August 19, 2005
1) Reference to the confidence, or "balls", in dealing with men afforded to ladies with ample frontage.

2) Sweater puppies, cat heads, bazooms, etc.
1) Linda demanded an explanation from the boss for turning down her expense reports - she's really testing her chesticles!

2) Guy 1: Yo! Check out the chesticles on the redhead!

Guy 2: Ahoy, Cap'n! The SS Brassiere's front torpedo bays are armed, loaded and ready for battle!
by The Evil Steve August 26, 2005
1) That little town on the road to Heavington between Plowed and Blotto

2) Irretrievably drunk - past the point of it being fun but short of it being dangerous.
1) Check out Phil over there at the bar clinging to his stool like he's riding piggyback - methinks our boy be arsed!

2) OK, I'm arsed. If I get to the morning without hurling, I deserve a fecking medal.
by The Evil Steve August 17, 2005

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