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The uniquely male sensation of having one's scrotum squished into an uncomfortably small area or configuration due to unfortunate seating arrangements. The most common culprit is that poorly-placed knot in your blue jeans where all four denim panels get sewn together at Scro Central.

Causes include sitting quickly and carelessly in hot, humid weather when the twins are just a-danglin', shifting in car seats while seat-belted, any form of self-induced frontal wedgie (often from scooting forward on a cloth-upholstered seat), or a combination of the above.

In particularly blessed gents, sack bunch can result in sitting on one's own balls. Honorable and impressive as the feat sounds, the sensation makes one want to cry and puke simultaneously. Not recommended.
Lady Passenger: Why are you grabbing at yourself? Shouldn't you be concentrating on driving?

Male Driver: Gaah! I got sack bunch! If you just planted your ass on your own man-marbles, you'd be skittish too!
by The Evil Steve August 02, 2005
Chest-thumping churchgoer / religious donor who loudly proclaims his or her righteousness based solely on their Sunday attendance / offering. Tend to think they can get away with being braggardly arrogant self-important arseholes because they actually spend an hour or two in / a few bucks on church every week. They tend to cover their auto bumpers and SUV backglass with stickers alluding to Jesus, quote Biblical scripture completely out of context, and privately pleasure themselves to kiddie porn while chiding anybody who dares mention anything sexual in public.
The jagoff who cut you off coming out of the church parking lot - you know, the one in the $49 polyester suit jacket who flipped you off - this past Sunday morning is a McChristian.
by The Evil Steve August 15, 2005
A very angry e-mail reply, often loaded with profanity or implied profanity. Can be either personal or business-related. Not to be confused with a flame, f-mails are issued as an expression of extreme dissatisfaction with a specific situation... where you eventually call somebody a monkeyfucker.
When my wireless card crapped out, Chris from Tech Support sent Tech Release 1.01b. When I e-mailed that Tech Release 1.01b didn't work, he sent Tech Release 1.01b. When I e-mailed him again that Tech Release 1.01b has nothing to do with my problem, he sent Tech Release 1.01b. I then f-mailed Chris, questioning his parentage and telling him to give the farm animals a rest.
by The Evil Steve April 27, 2006
A Euro (preferably a German) who gets all snooty about how much better / more artistic / more well-crafted things are back on the Continent than over here (US, Canada, hell - England can play along too!).
Uwe can't drink a Blue without going on a diatribe about how much better his precious Warsteiner is - what a deutschebag!
by The Evil Steve August 23, 2005
1) A completely out-of-context shitty thing to do or say, especially from an unexpected source. From the elderly phrase "bolt out of the blue", but modified with skidmarks for flavor.

2) (driving) Some asshole coming from out of nowhere to bust your chops (cut you off, tailgate and honk, etc.)
1) Our night out was pretty bangin' until Chess Club Bill dropped that ear-splitting N-bomb at the bar. What a bolt out of the brown!

2) Jesus! Where did this pissed-off horn-addicted Excursion-driving dickhead getting all up my tailpipe materialize from? This fat bastard was a bolt out of the brown!
by The Evil Steve June 02, 2007
White trash who aspire to ghetto-king chic through as little effort as possible - tricking out hoopties, zirchonia bling, and using all the street lingo their flabby little brains are capable of processing. Differs from the chav by its distinctly 'Murkan flavored redneck-gangsta hybrid accent.

Clem and Jaylynn dress their son Jayclem in a yard-sale enyce tracksuit and fake-diamond earrings - they're bucking for the cover of Gray Trash Digest.
by The Evil Steve April 08, 2007
1. (adv.) Very very, extremely, superlatively, etc.

2. (adj.) monster cool, the shit, primo, etc.
1. Sheila downed a fifth of vodka Friday night and got tits-over blotto.

2. Marty's big save in the Cup finals was tits-over.
by The Evil Steve September 02, 2005

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