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40 definitions by The Evil Steve

1) (rare) one who strives to attain the ideals of communism (see cako's spot-on definition)

2) (common) impotent jibe intended to put down a non-like-minded person. Insult had some impact during the Cold War-era, but so did Styx.
1) True communists are idealists who truly believe humans can transcend selfishness. Then the weed wears off.

2) There is a 99.5% chance that Rush Limbaugh would call you a communist.
by The Evil Steve August 10, 2005
The set of 15 or so songs that Clear Channelesque cookie-cutter format radio stations play at least once an hour 24/7 until their Major Record Label BitchMasters tell them (or pay them) to play something else.

If a song you like makes heavy rotation, you'll hate it in two weeks or less. If a song you hate makes heavy rotation, you'll want to pull your brain out through your ears. Changing the station won't help, since every format radio station across the continent plays the same friggin' 15 songs in heavy rotation.
The MILF anthem "Stacy's Mom" was a fun song until it made heavy rotation - now I don't even want to bang Rachel Hunter anymore.
by The Evil Steve August 31, 2005
Tattoo on the small of a woman's back, usually roundish with rays or flames and two colors (green and/or red will be invovled most often), located precisely where a guy should set his beer while nailing her doggie style. Most prevalent with porn stars, wannabe porn stars, biker chicks, drrrty grrrls, and suburban fluff chicks who want everybody to think they're hard.
Gents - Are you horny? Then hit the club and scout for chicks with the Bar Slut Hat Trick - crop top, low-rider pants or skirt, and beer coaster tatt on display. (Tight jeans with high heels also a good indicator.)
by The Evil Steve September 06, 2005

Source: Public Service TV spot from Guinness featuring the animated Brewmasters.

1) Acronym for the message of above-referenced spot: Use Common Sense And Always Know When You've Had Your Fill

2) General sign-off to your buds as they head out for the pub/club/party

3) Expression of disbelief, akin to WTF
1) Pretty self-explanatory

2) Guy 1: "I'm heading out for the club to get laid, drunk or both.
Guy 2: "Good luck, Dawg. UCSAAKWYHYF."

3) Guy 1: "Dude... when I was out, I chatted up that 'girl' you were drunk-dancing with last week. 'She' asked for your number - and said thinking about your pants gave 'her' a boner!"
by The Evil Steve January 27, 2006
Old - Phrase in office-speak suggesting the use of unorthodox approaches to solve otherwise difficult problems. Not a bad phrase, but too many pointy-haired-boss types latched on to it and used it as a knee-jerk response when asked for input, thus blanching it of all meaning.

New - Happy-hour phrase meaning "Get your mind off the poontang - we're talking sports now!"
Old - Cube Monkey: Boss, I'd like your input on this problem.
Boss: Think outside of the box, Monkey.
Cube Monkey: Well, I thought you may have some time-saving insight, since you're paid to be my professional superior and all...
Boss: Just think outside of the box, Monkey!
Cube Monkey: Right. Hey! I'll use the fuckyoubossoscope!
Boss: There you go, Monkey!

New - Guy 1: Think the Rams have a chance this year?
Guy 2: It'll be tough, but anybody can make the playoffs in the NFC... What do you think, Trey?
Guy 3: Did you see the ass on that marketing intern? Damn! I could write a poem about that ass!
Guy 1: Hey, Trey... we're over here... football conversation?
Guy 2: Yeah, Trey - Think outside of the box!
by The Evil Steve August 30, 2005
To have rights, privileges, and/or other amenities revoked over a period of time with apparent intent of making the Miltonee want to leave. Derived from the Milton character in the movie Office Space, who constantly had his cubicle moved and office supplies removed against his protestations.
Since last year, my boss has taken away lunch breaks, given my job to an intern, and made me share my cubicle with Smelly Mel from Marketing - I'm totally getting Miltoned!
by The Evil Steve August 23, 2005
Being treated like a total idiot by the media for acting/sounding like a total idiot in the media.
Carrie Prejean claimed she was Palinized in her jaw-droppingly inept Larry King interview. She is absolutely right. Her political career will be missed...
by The Evil Steve November 13, 2009