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A form of metal. Power Metal takes its roots from 80's metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Manowar, and Dio. Power Metal usually employs the use of guitar and vocal harmonies, with the vocals in almost every case being sung cleanly (one excpetion is Demoniac, which is Blackened Power). Drummers in this genre must be very adept with double-bass pedals, for they are almost constantly using them.
Being a very melodic style of metal, Power Metal is very intricate and difficult to write. It is one of the most difficult genres of metal to play, with Progressive (and Neoclassical) being possibly more difficult.
Lyrics commonly found in Power Metal are based around mythology, elves, war, greed, weaponry (most commonly swords), brotherhood, horses, magic, demons, dragons, and other fantasy-based topics. This makes Power Metal a perfect choice for D&D players (sadly, I am one) and people who enjoy fantasy novels.
Other bands play, Manowar KILLS!
by The Ethereal Magnanimus June 23, 2005
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