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The chaos and general confusion resulting from poorly planned and executed activities.
"When Mike told the waitress that all 20 people watching the game would be on one tab, I set up my own tab with the bartender. I wanted no part of the assfuckery that would happen when it came time to divy up the check."
by The Eta April 08, 2009
A woman hitting on younger men whose age puts her far beyond the "cougar" category
I knew Mike had a thing for cougars but when I saw a 55 year-old lady talking to him, I realized he had transitioned to saber-tooth tigers.
by The Eta July 02, 2009
A pedestrian who fails to follow traffic safety laws, either intentionally or by neglignce, often to their own detriment. Combination of "pedestrian" and "idiot".
Last week I saw a guy talking on his cell phone step out in front of a bus. If the bus driver hadn't been paying attention, that pedestriot probably have would have gotten killed.
by The Eta April 13, 2009

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