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1 definition by The Epicure

Verb, transitive, to algore a result (an election, a court finding, a scientific conclusion, a sporting event):

To refuse to concede a legitimate defeat, by employing teams of attorneys, increasingly-more-fanciful conspiracy theories and lawyerly machinations. Behaving without honor, dividing voters or spectators rather than uniting them, and tainting an opponent's legitimate victory and delaying the opponent's ability to celebrate and take office.
In the February 7, 2010 second round of elections, Yulia Tymoshenko ended up with 3.5% fewer votes than her opponent, Viktor Yanukovych, in an internationally-observed election deemed the cleanest-ever in Ukrainian history, but rather than do the honorable thing and concede, Yulia has algored the results.
by The Epicure February 11, 2010
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