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Bunging is the "slang" term for luge-ing. Just like some Americans refer to basketball as being b-ball, bunging is used to refer to as luge-ing. Luge-ing or bunging is the winter sports event, in which competitors slide down a twisting, ice-covered course while lying on their backs with their feet at the front of a runnered vehicle called a luge sled. Competitors race against the clock, and the best time determines the winner. Luging has been a popular sport in Europe since the late 19th century. In 1964 the International Olympic Committee made the luge an event at the Winter Olympics. Medals are awarded for three luging comptitions: men's singles, women's singles, and doubles. Doubles competition features a pair or lugers (men, women, or a mixed pair) riding on the sled at the same time.
luge-ing aka bunging
by The English Professor May 14, 2009

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