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A phenomonon seen in teenage boys. It is caused because, when nothing else is within reach, the teenage boy uses the nearest (usually) dirty sock to wipe his knob clean after sexually relieving himself whilst browsing Dad's porn collection. The soiled sock is then hidden under the bed where it slowly festers and rots. Over a period of a week or so, this can result in there being no matching socks available, thus ODD-SOCKS.
Dad: Hi son, I see you're wearing odd-socks again!
Son: Hwa...Mmmm...the other ones are crispy.
by The English Gent October 31, 2007
A Great country that seems to have lost it's way. Those who knock our football team, dental service, abuse of our language etc...You're right. What you forget though, is that we have practically NO English players in our team,most of our dental and medical staff are from the East and before we had 24/7 access to foreign crap on telly, we all spoke nicely. Our National Health and Benefits systems are in melt-down because if you come here, we give you the same rights as us. What other country does that?! We go out of our way to "embrace" the world and allow tens of millions of people to come to OUR country. The only uneducated members of our country are either foreign imports or today's youth who spend their lives watching U.S talk-shows and listening to U.S influenced (c)rap music.
No one asks you to come here and we certainly don't want you to stay. We DON'T kill our own people, we DON'T enforce our will on others, we DON'T go to places we don't like. Finally, we don't all live for bloody football.
Fred: Can I see the dentist please?
Receptionist: I'm sorry, there's a four year waiting list since another European country has been allowed access to England.
by The English Gent October 31, 2007
A.D.D.;- Yet another illness some do-gooders have come up with as an excuse for the actions of today's ignorant, non-caring, couldn't-give-a-shit, benefit-grabbing, fuckwit youths.
Me; Is there a valid reason why you can't work and you're such a sponging loser?
Spotty pizza-faced youth;- I have Attention Defecit Disorder, you bastard! **manages to focus attention for three days on play-station, drugs, alcohol and signing for benefit**
by The English Gent November 01, 2007

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