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Vagina juice left on a seat.
Dam that bitch must be going commando, look at the gashcustard on that chair.
by The Emperor August 31, 2014
pl. n.
The beautiful pair of creations that evolution has so kindly and prominently molded on the upper ribcage of the human female. These can be skillfully played by a talented man by moving his fingers across the instruments, with or without blowing air across the mouthpiece contemporaneously, creating luxurious and melodious music.
The mademoiselle had such voluptuous chest flutes that Andy could not help himself from desiring to play a beautiful sonata on them all night long.
by the Emperor January 25, 2014
White, usually blonde, girls who love that big black dick.
Did you see Heidi Klum with Seal? You know she's a mud shark
by The Emperor April 30, 2007
The biggest muhh to ever muhhh, will muhhh anything you say to argue on her behalf, and believes comunication with the opposite gender is only to have sex (liv syndrome)
Why is it weird talking to girls if i dont wanna sleep with them? You lot are thinking like Liv!
by The Emperor July 11, 2006

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