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3 definitions by The Elusive Janteeee

The accepted unit of measure referring to the degree of offense of an odor.
One would have to reach the stench of ten hobos in order to gain a measurment of 10 hobo power.
8-10 hobo power(or HP) may describe the exhaust fumes from the bus that just pulled in front of you.
A good broccoli fart might reach 25 hobo power.
At 50 hobo power there is projectile vomiting.
100 hobo power has never been documented in nature. It is theoretical at this point in science, much like absolute zero. It is widely assumed that if one were to experience 100 hobo power, its effects would surely be fatal.
I swear when Jimmy pulled that Yokozuna on my face, I almost puked. His ass must be about 45 hobo power.
by The Elusive Janteeee September 09, 2003
a cool guy who has no need, and is too sexy for his sleeves
whoa check out Shelley's boyfriend, what happened to his sleeves?
by The Elusive Janteeee September 11, 2003
synonymous with "giving the finger" "shooting the bird" or "flipping off"
ho dat fackah went cut me off so I went give em da Coll shaka eh bah ho bah nex' time eh u fackah
by The Elusive Janteeee September 15, 2003