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A move performed by moving your anus cheeks during a fart to effect its sound.

This can only be done on farts longer than six seconds and usually involves changing the pitch or vibrations of the fart.

Dude, did you hear how great my fart tweaking was there? It started out all soft and then I tweaked it to get some nice bass and great volume.
by The Earl of Breezer May 12, 2007
A fart performed in hot weather that is a welcomed breeze on the face and/or genitals of bystanders.

A trained breezer can actually cause icicles to form on the hair of the breezee with the cold air pushed out of his or her anus.
Hey, Carl, I'm really starting to sweat down here. Can you do a Bahama Breezer on my dong real quick?
by The Earl of Breezer May 12, 2007
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