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9 definitions by The Dux

A boring group of people
Some of the losers at work always stick together.Bookclub
by The Dux March 22, 2008
14 3
Very average quality, thinking more about the money than the standard.
It was Dross standard.
by The Dux March 22, 2008
43 33
A person who kisses arse.Charms, bullshits, laughs at all the bosses jokes.
Hawkes is an arsekisser, has no talent he arsekissed his way into the job.
by The Dux March 23, 2008
10 1
Someone who sits on their arse all day doing nothing.
Brett is such a shinypants
by The Dux March 22, 2008
7 2
A Stew like food that is cooked with no care or attention.
School dinners.
Dom served up slop at her dinner party.
by The Dux March 26, 2008
25 21
Someone who reads other peoples emails.
Watch you computers Maria is an epeeper.
by The Dux March 22, 2008
4 0
Pants that sag down at the backside
Dom is wearing those sagarse pants again
by The Dux March 22, 2008
3 0