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Equipment used for sleep such as bed, pillow, duvet, alarm clock, sleeping bag etc.
Guy 1: Mate you got your sleepment with you?
Guy 2: What you mean?
Guy 1: Your sleeping bag and pillow!!!
Guy 2: F*** i brought my duvet..... atleast its duvetier then yours!!!
by The Duvet Dudes July 13, 2009
A person, normally male, desperatly trying to get out of the friend zone. They are tired of hearing "You're such a good friend" or the classic "Your more like a brother to me"
Guy 1 - "I can't get out of the friend zone!!"
Guy 2 - "Better get swithining!"
Guy 1 - "I've been trying for ages"
Guy 3 - "Unlucky mate"
by The Duvet Dudes July 13, 2009
More duvet then a duvet ... yes u read that right..
Fred, your duvet is duvetier then mine!!!
by The Duvet Dudes July 11, 2009

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