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11 definitions by The Dutch Auto Man

A turd so big it comes out of the water in the shitty 1.6 gallon low flow toilet.
Following the big Mexican dinner, Jim put a Beached Whale in the toilet.


The stench of Jim's Beached Whale rose from the toilet bowl.
by The Dutch Auto Man November 09, 2007
To blow ass gas, or fart, while receiving oral sex from a woman. The power of the fecal gas explosion acts like a comb or brush, parting the woman's hair. To part her hair, and provide a new hair style with just the propellent power your ass.
As his girlfriend finished Jim's blowjob, and Jim achieved his climax, his sphincter relaxed letting go a blast of ass gas so powerful as to part her hair.
by The Dutch Auto Man January 28, 2008
To prepare the bed for your girlfriend or spouse by trapping an enormous gas attack or fart under the covers just as she pull back the sheets to get into the bed. Like a Dutch Oven except it is a surprise attack.
Jim let go a huge gas barrage, under the covers, and tucked in the sheets to prepare a bed warmer for his woman.


As she pulled back the sheets and was overcome by the stench, she knew her Husband had prepared a bed warmer.
by The Dutch Auto Man November 12, 2007
Another term for cutting the cheese, floating a cajan air biscuit or the old standby, a fart.
As Jim viewed the crowded elevator, filed with tense people, he knew he could help the situation with a little Aroma Therapy from his butt.


As his tired Wife came to bed, Jim thoughtfully provided her some relaxing Aroma Therapy from his anal sphincter.
by The Dutch Auto Man May 12, 2009