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When Argenti bangs another broad in his RV and keeps his roomates awake. When he is ready to finish he gives the girl the Tony Danza and on speical occassions the Cleveland Steamer. And kicks the girl out the next day
Jeff; What was that banging last night.
Aaron; I Argentified a bitch last night and then gave her a Tony Danza
Jeff; you're classy.
Aaron; Thats why I bought a RV. I love Argentifying bitches.
Then I showed her the door
by The Dungeonmaster November 28, 2004
What Agent Argenti says to try to prove that he can power his scooter on his own sexiness. The word that the dungeon master uses on dirty ho bags right before he pounds them like a champ.
Aaron: Yo bitch you are very fastidious today.
Dirty ho Bag: thanks can you argentify me tonight in your Rv that is powered by your sexiness.
Aaron: yo bitch what do you think I used the word fastidious for.
Dirty ho bag: Can you give me a tony danza afterwards.
Aaron: It comes with the Argentification, in the RV.
Dirty ho bags: you love dirty ho bags don't you and you also love green trackpants.
Aaron: fuck yeah
by The Dungeonmaster November 29, 2004

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