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Really stinky bud (marijuana). Coined by the Duke of Port New. S'right.
Stanky Buddah!
by The Duke May 07, 2004
Sexual fetish involving Mary-Kate and Ashley, back to back before you; you on your knees, alternating thrusts of your love shaft into their V-units, springing back and forth between the two until euphoria ensues. See California Mud Hopper. Dirty Nail optional.
It wasn't the Olsen twins, but I did have a psuedo-Full house hopper last night with Lisa and her mom. My hips were like a sewing machine doing a zig zag stitch back and forth over that slippery cloth.
by The Duke March 01, 2005
see austin - the one by david dickinson
das bruce uberales, why am i so bad when das bruce is so good.
by the duke September 30, 2003
A turd that's chock full of peanuts.
I pinched off a snickers that must have been a foot and a half long.
by The Duke July 23, 2003
Scavenge, to acquire by stealth and cunning
To scavenge supplies
by the duke November 24, 2004
A woman who has 12 to a 14 inch dildo stuck up her enourmously flabby or loose ass and therefore lashes out at a society that refuses to help her remove it. But she deserves it, the fucking bitch...
Yo, that super-hardcore-mega-bitch was hella bitchy today.
by The Duke May 06, 2003
abbreviation for Motorcycle Club
Bandidos MC, Hells Angels MC, etc.
by The Duke June 03, 2004
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