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The most hated on off all fast food joints people think its just fake food served to lazy fat people that don't want to cook or can't afford real food but it's not it's a place where you can go and eat good food at a good price that doesn't make you sit and wait for it then charge you 15 dollars for the smallest piece of meat you ever saw and then expect tips
Me:Hey lets go to McDonalds
Stupid Person:No that crap makes you fat and its not even food
Me:Well Lets see if its food the burgers are made of cow meat the chicken nuggets and sandwiches are made from chicken and the fries are made from potatoes just like most other places that sells food so you cant say its not food but you can say their animal killers either way i still want some so,
Stupid person:Yeah they kill animals i wanna go to subway
Me:You suck at life
by The Dude Thats Not You April 28, 2009

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