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a move in which semen is whipped across a womens face. a man does the girl doggy style, spits on her back so she thinks he blew his load then taps her on the shoulder, when she turns around, the semen that he has ejaculated into his hand is slapeed across her face.
Daren nailed tina with a slapshot!!! she was pissed!
by The dude January 06, 2005
Derive from the German word "Blitzkrieg" which means lightning war, blitzkrap is the act of lightning shitting. This is to take a dump in as little time as possible, pushing as hard as you can to get it out. Can be used when short of time but you're starting to turtle head. Warning: Blitzkrap is an art. Know your limits and don't push to hard or you'll blow your o ring
"Dude we gotta go the candy shop closes in 5 minutes"
"Okay give me one second and I'll take a blitzkrap."

Dick was on a date with a girl when he suddenly had to #2. Embarassed his date would know what he was doing if he took too long in the bathroom, Dick blitzkrapped and got back to his date.
by The Dude February 04, 2005
1. noun, Any white, asian, or hispanic suburban youth who believes in fact that they are a black gangster, they wear basketball jerseys with a black man's name on the back, wear baggy clothing, roll on 20's which are really 12's from Wall-Mart, and they ask you to smoke their weed with their bitches, also they go up to you and say "yo son yo yo son son yo".
This kid came up to me from Greenwich and was like "yo son, son yo, yo son"
by the dude February 01, 2005
1. An exclamation.

2. An expression that Dave Chappelle used once in the racial draft.
1. Holy Shibangabang!

2. Yes, the whole shibangabang.
by The dude March 24, 2005
Unsteady, poorly coordinated, and often unintentionally homoerotic sexual position wherein three people are forming the letter 'H' with their bodies. Two are standing (forming the vertical elements of the letter 'H') and one is giving a blow job while also taking it from the rear. Also referred to as the shaky H.
Kevin: Well, how do you think our floppy H is doing so far?
Sandra: Mfff, brmmm, gmmbff.
by the dude March 03, 2005
Feces; shit; butt fudge
If you bothered to wipe, you wouldn't have ass matter all over your undies!
by The Dude June 20, 2003
Some sick fuck who likes to fuck animals!
Get the fuck outta here, you dirty fornicator of beasts!
by The Dude June 20, 2003
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