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An emoticon expressing apathy or "you just lost me".
XxXAttentionWhorexXx: LIKE OMG! justin just texted me he said he wants to go out!!11

TheDrunkFromOmiha: ._. Alrighty then...

Stormy: And then, I got too drunk and threw her dog out of the window! LOL

TheDrunkFromOmiha: ._. Whaaa?
by The Drunk from Omaha December 13, 2009
A emoticon expressing complete, what the hell-ness. Used when one can't beileve the retardation and non sense that is going on. Used a lot by people in chat rooms that are annoyed by the useless gabber of teenyboppers and the pervo requests for p2p's by pedos.
Chat room idiot #1; Omg omg look at his myspace pics! CR idiot #2; He is like, so, tottaly hot! CR idiot #3; Any dirty girls wanna role play? P2p me ;0. Person in shock; O_o, Dudes, WTF?
by The Drunk From Omaha September 05, 2009
Lawn Dart; The answer to any conflict.
Kimmy stole my sandwich, so I attacked her with a Lawn Dart
by The drunk from Omaha July 25, 2009

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