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Pronounced: ee-val-ue-gay-shun

Any of several scientific methods for determining homosexuality in others by quantitatively analyzing a specimen's behavior.
You are a total fag according to your last evalugaytion
by The Drewish September 05, 2006
Otherwise known as Food Lion brand grocery stores, the Hood Lion is distinguished by its location in the deepest and darkest parts of the North American ghettos.
When I lived in Norfolk, the nearest grocery store was a Hood Lion. They had the best selection of malt liquor.
by The Drewish September 05, 2006
Function: noun
Pronunciation: hand-'jI-n&
Inflected Form(s): plural hand·gi·nae /-(")nE /; or -nas
Etymology: Latin

1. Any of several putrid odors found to waft from the inside of any variety of gloves or mittens. Commonly associated with winter sports. (i.e snowboarding)
Dude, there's no way I'm putting on your mittens, as your handgina smells like a fart puked up a turd.
by The Drewish September 05, 2006

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