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The main character of the short story "Flowers For Algernon" by Daniel Keyes. He is mentally disabled and works at a plastic box company. Because of his mental problems, he occasionally messes up and loses or breaks things, and/or says or does something foolish and socially awkward. His co-workers dubbed such thing a "Charlie Gordon"

(n). To lose, break, or mess up something.

To say or do something socially awkward or stupid.
Ernie: *drops fragile package*

Foreman: For God's sake Ernie why are you pulling a Charlie Gordon?!

Ernie: Sorry Boss *Hangs Head*


Ellen: *trips while dancing with someone*

Joe: Good job pulling a Charlie Gordon there, Ellen!

Frank: Hahahahahahaha!!
by The DrakeHawk January 13, 2013
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