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1) Alcoholic Bible-Thumping Megalomaniacal Skull-and-Bones Society member and stupidass Redneck who after being installed by the Supreme Court in a travesty of democracy, and inspired by a clearly psychotic idea that God told him to start Armageddon, ordered 9/11 so that his cabal could take absolute power over a pussilanimous public, thus destroying the American Republic in a few short years during the early part of the 21st century - all without ever having the balls to publicly admit he was a Dictator worse than Saddam Hussein.
2) Slang term for a hairy pussy.
1) Lord Emperor Bush was the destroyer of freedom and liberty my six-year-old American children, now GET BACK TO WORK MAKING CLOTHES FOR THE UBERMENSCH!
by The Dragon October 17, 2004
abbreviation for the word elbows
"If ya feel me! Throw dem bows up!"
Fam-Lay - Rock n' Roll (this is a rap song by the way, a ghetto one too, don't let the tittle fool ya.)
by The Dragon November 25, 2003
A noob who is beginner at everything he does. Gets destroyed by everything, and get pwned so hard.
You are such a dylan!
by the dragon March 03, 2012
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